In the event you have had a hosting account before, you may have come across a situation where you spend your money on some unlimited feature only to discover later that it really is restricted and you have a fixed quota. This may happen with the hdd space, the database storage, the monthly bandwidth as well as other features that many hosting providers present in a way that is different from what you'll really receive. This is the so-called overselling, which companies use so that they can attract customers although they're aware that they can't provide their clients with the attributes they advertise usually because of the type of their hosting platform or in the case of the resellers - due to the fact that they have some limits from the actual host company.
No Overselling in Hosting
Unlike other hosting providers, we do not oversell as we simply don't have to. The capabilities that we have listed for all of our hosting packages are what you'll really get provided you sign up with our company. The explanation for our guarantees is a revolutionary cloud web hosting platform that can provide all system resources each of our users could ever need. Instead of storing files and running SQL or email servers and other system processes on the same machine, we have separate groups of servers dealing with each one of these services, so you will never run into a situation where the server lacks the required resources for your Internet sites. If we need additional disk space or more memory, we can just attach the needed hardware or even entire servers to every cluster, so if you use one of our hosting packages, you will always get what you've paid for.
No Overselling in Semi-dedicated Hosting
All of our semi-dedicated hosting plans come with numerous unrestricted features, but unlike other providers, we don't oversell and we can really afford to provide limitless disk space or databases. What lies behind our assurance is a cutting-edge cloud platform which consists of a number of clusters, each one controlling a certain service - files, emails, stats, databases, etcetera. Since we can always attach as many disk drives or servers to any of the clusters as required, we can practically never run out of resources, so in case you pay for something unrestricted, you'll really receive it. Our Hepsia web hosting Control Panel was developed exclusively for this custom made cloud setup, so if you use a semi-dedicated hosting plan from our company, you can get the most out of your websites.