A data center could be described as a sophisticated warehouse for hosting servers. That is a facility which contains a huge number of servers used by firms for storing web content and files or for performing computation services at a big scale. Web hosting, search engines and big social networks are only a couple of examples of the services that need data centers for their servers as they can't work on a single web server. The facilities deal with the temperatures, humidity, electrical power and connection backups in order to guarantee the most effective and consistent functioning of all hosting servers located there. All data centers have 24/7 monitoring and limit the access to the web servers in order to make certain that the servers are protected all the time. The quality of any world wide web service you get often depends not simply on the firm you communicate with, but also on the data center facility they use.
Data centers in Hosting
If you decide to obtain a hosting package from our company, you shall be able to pick between 5 data centers on the order page and you could have your account set up in Colohouse (Chicago, United States), UK Servers (Coventry, England), Amaze (Sydney, AU), Ficolo (Pori, Finland) or S3Company (Sofia, BG). We have servers a number of locations so as to offer you a choice to opt for the most suitable one for your Internet sites, so both you and your website visitors will benefit from great loading speeds. Every one of the facilities provides 24/7 support, power generators and redundant Internet routes through some of the biggest Internet service providers in the specific country. Coupled with our revolutionary cloud web hosting platform, this means virtually no service disturbances of any sort, so your sites shall be working constantly. The facilities are among the biggest ones in the world and some of them house even government machines, so collocating our machines there allows us to concentrate on presenting new services and enhancing the existing ones constantly.
Data centers in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Our highly effective semi-dedicated hosting packages are available in five data centers globally with the idea to provide you with the cabability to get the finest possible hosting service for your sites irrespective of where you or your site visitors are located. As soon as you reach the order page, you will be able to opt for Colohouse in the USA, UK Servers in England, S3Company in Bulgaria, Ficolo in Finland or Amaze in AU. We have picked out these facilities since they provide excellent services and are able to keep all servers that are part of our advanced cloud web hosting platform operational constantly and at their best capacity. Each and every facility uses numerous backbone Internet service providers with multi-gigabit routes, diesel generators and effective UPS units as a failsafe in case of an infrastructural issue. They all also have knowledgeable 24/7 tech support crews which can easily react within minutes to any unexpected problem that presents itself. Using these data centers allows us to concentrate on enhancing our services all of the time, so we couldpresent you with the absolute best web hosting service for your websites.
Data centers in VPS Web Hosting
In order to provide you with a choice where your sites could be located, we offer OpenVZ virtual private servers on 3 different continents. We've got hosting servers in Chicago (United States), Coventry (England), Sofia (BG), Pori (Finland) and Sydney (AU), so your new VPS can be set up closer to your target audience. Every one of the facilities offers exceptional connectivity through some of the largest ISPs in the particular country, so you'll enjoy fast loading speeds from anywhere, but for your convenience we offer you a choice for the location. The uninterrupted functioning of the hosting servers in which your Virtual Private Server will be generated is made certain by highly effective generators and UPS devices, so your websites will be working inspite of any unexpected infrastructural challenges that might appear. We steer clear of hardware issues as well by using backup web servers and the latest generation of network equipment in all of the facilities. One of the primary advantages of purchasing an OpenVZ VPS from our company is that the servers within all five data centers where the accounts are generated work with Solid-State Drives that are considerably faster than the classic Harddrives.
Data centers in Dedicated Servers Hosting
We've picked the Colohouse data center in Chicago, USA, for our dedicated servers for a reason - the facility delivers the absolute best conditions for the optimal functioning of any web server accommodated there. Powerful diesel generators and UPS units shall keep all machines working even in case there's no electrical power for days while employing numerous Internet service providers guarantees that any information which you have on your dedicated machine will be accessible all of the time. Due to the fact that the data center is situated in the middle of North America, any website visitor across the continent will be able to look through your sites as fast as their own Internet connection allows them to. The facility offers fiber Internet connections to both Coasts and to a number of big cities within the United States and Canada, which makes it a suitable location if you wish to reach web users even from Mexico or Latin America. The correct operation of your server is guaranteed by an experienced technical support team which will deal with any hardware issue 24/7. To be on the safe side, we have got spare hosting servers and components, thus your sites will be online at all times.